nVue system - dual color miniscope brain imaging during free behavior

Code nVue

One Miniscope. Multicolor insights. The nVue system enables dual color imaging of two distinct cell populations in freely-behaving animals, empowering researchers with greater neural circuit insights in function and behavior.   

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  • Image two distinct cellular populations simultaneously with single cell resolution
  • Record two brain signals longitudinally over months
  • Explore the intricacies of how two population of neurons interact during free behavior

nVue system applications

  • Static + Dynamic Imaging. Identify a subpopulation of cells based on genetic or projection identity
  • Dual Dynamic Imaging .Simultaneously image two brain signals in the same field of view

Multicolor data processing

Streamline your miniscope data analysis with the Inscopix Data Processing Software (IDPS), our complete and validated pipeline with no required scripting expertise.

  • Identify unique cells and extract Ca2+ traces easily using PCA/ICA or Inscopix CNMFe
  • Automatically filter identified cells by setting SNR and cell-size criteria
  • Perform longitudinal registration to identify the same cells over days or multicolor registration to identify co-localized cells across channels
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