Stand alone systems

Code ZTEDU235
Multi-Phase Filtration – Stand Alone Systems are self contained and do not require a central filtration system.
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The Aquaneering system employs a four-stage filtration system to provide the cleanest recirculated water in the industry.

  1. The first stage is a Dacron pad particulate filter or stainless steel reusable screen, trapping particles greater than 10 microns, and can be easily removed for washing or disposal.

  2. Water is then pumped into the fluidized bed biological filter. High pressure water, from the quiet, reliable submerged pump, is forced into the bottom of the fluidized bed, suspending and mixing the filter media to prevent channeling and insure full utilization of the entire surface area. This unique filtration design provides over 4000 sq. ft. of surface area on which biological conversion of harmful ammonia can occur. With 10 times more surface area than the industry standard, the Aquaneering aquatics system boasts undetectable levels of ammonia and waste content.

  3. Water then flows into the second sump chamber, which contains a microprocessor controlled, 1000-watt heater to maintain a comfortable environment throughout the rack. Dual carbon filters lay submerged in the second sump chamber, and a dedicated submersible pump draws water through and pressurizes the rack supply lines.

  4. On the main supply line is an in-line UV sterilizer lamp that provides a minimum of 100,000 microwatts/second/cm² at our flow rate of 6 water changes per hour.
ZTEDU235  Two Shelf Stand Alone Education Rack (eRack)
ZTT350  Stand Alone Tabletop Rack (3-Shelf)
ZS560  Stand Alone Single-Sided Rack (5-Shelf)
ZD560  Stand Alone Double-Sided Rack (5-Shelf)
ZS660  Stand Alone Single-Sided Rack (6-Shelf)
ZD660  Stand Alone Double-Sided Rack (6-Shelf)
ZS760  Stand Alone Single-Sided Rack (7-Shelf)
ZD760  Stand Alone Double-Sided Rack (7-Shelf)