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Successful Immunofluorescence Image Acquisition and Quantification

This course is an extension of our previous ibidi webinar "How to Setup a Successful Immunofluorescence Experiment" with invited speaker, Shuntaro Yamada. In that earlier webinar, he shared his practical tips and tricks on immunofluorescence staining, as he guided us through each step of a standard immunofluorescence protocol.

This new course expands on that topic with an in-depth description of how to perform successful image acquisition and quantification.

After completing the course, you will be equipped with advanced knowledge and a better understanding of the necessary tools required to process beautiful immunofluorescence stainings.

Speaker: Shuntaro Yamada
Center for Translational Oral Research, University of Bergen

Shuntaro is a D.D.S/Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Translational Oral Research in the Tissue Engineering Group at the University of Bergen.
His research interests include the mechanical regulation of stem cell fate for bone tissue regeneration. In addition, he has extensive experience and expertise in immunofluorescent staining and imaging of cells and embryonic or postnatal tissues.

Check out Shuntaro's Instagram Channel for his beautiful immunofluorescence cell images: @stemcell_art