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Rodent IV drug administration under 3R considerations

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IV drug application is a common path in combination with blood sampling in pharmacokinetic studies used to assess the concentration of the drug in the blood plasma. The animal's well-being, namely the stress level can have a significant impact on the outcome of the results while chronic catheterization might become a challenge regarding accessibility and patency of the catheter. This talk will give an overview of solutions that support animal welfare and more reliable study results utilizing novel vessel access technologies. The speaker will also cover the impact of novel access technologies on selected animal models, such as Glucose Clamp and Intravenous Self Administration (IVSA) used in common drug addiction studies.

Lecturer: Thomas Penning

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Thomas holds a degree in electrical engineering from University of Applied Sciences Zittau-Görlitz. He started his career at the University of Chemnitz, where he was involved in the development of an ultrasound aspirator for brain surgery, before applying to Gould Instruments. At Gould, his responsibilities included building the German market for the Ponemah physiological signal analysis software. Later on, he moved to Data Science International when Ponemah became the analysis tool for data acquired with implantable telemetric monitoring devices. There, he filled various roles as a product specialist and European manager, most recently leading a team of five talented territory managers.

Thomas accepted the position of Sales Director Europe at Instech in January 2020, serving customers with compound administration and sampling instruments for rodents. In this role, he recognized early on the correlation between animal welfare and aseptic surgical techniques, which led him to become involved in the formation of the European Academy of Laboratory Animal Science (EALAS).


Thomas is an authorized representative of Instech Laboratories Europe GmbH and currently serves as treasurer of the European Academy of Laboratory Animal Surgery (EALAS).

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