Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop (Virtual) 23-25.02.2021

16th Annual Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop, organized by Aguaneering and Zebrafish Husbandry Association.

Tuesday, February 23

Sensing Others: Effect of Social Isolation on the Zebrafish Brain

  • Lukas Anneser/Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt am Main

Understanding Zebrafish Gut Health: Feed, Microbiota, and Immune System

  • Adrià López Nadal/Wageningen University and Research/Cell Biology & Immunology Group and Aquaculture & Fisheries Group

The Effect of Increased Feeding in Proportion to Density on Sex Ratios in Zebrafish

  • Lauren Krug/Aquaneering

Sex and the Tank: Sex as an Important Biological Variable in Zebrafish CNS Research

  • Dr. Allan Kalueff/St. Petersburg State University

Background Genetics and Reproducibility

  • Marcus Crim/IDEXX, Christian Lawrence/Boston Children’s Hospital

Standardizing Health Reporting

  • JP Mocho/FELASA

Fundamentals of the Use of Vertebrate Animals in Research in the USA and its Intersection with International Collaboration

  • Noé Tirado-Muñiz/DMV, DVM, MS, CPIA/University of Kentucky

Enrichment Increases Aggression in Zebrafish

  • Dr. Penelope J. Watt/University of Sheffield

Wednesday, February 24

ZHA Annual Meeting


**Sessions limited to 20 participants maximum; must sign up in advance, first come first served

Session 1: Update on Infectious Diseases and Strategies for Control in Zebrafish Facilities

  • Moderators: Michael Kent/Professor/Oregon State University/ZIRC

Session 2: Larviculture Methodology

  • Moderators: Carrie Barton/Zebrafish Facility Manager/Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory

Session 3: Zebrafish Facilites. Where To Now?

  • Moderator: Bruce Newell/Deakin University

Session 4: Automation in the ZF Lab

  • Moderator: Bruno DeSilva/Kings College London

Session 5: Refinement to Genotyping Techniques

  • Moderator: Dr. Claire Allen/Biological Services Aquarium, The University of Sheffield

Session 6: Environmental Effects on Zebrafish Sex Ratios: the Role of Epigenetics

  • Moderator: Dr. Laia Ribas/Institute of Marine Science, ICM-CSIC, Barcelona

Session 7: One Fish Two Fish, Bred Fish, Whose Fish? Using Databases Within a Zebrafish Facility

  • Moderator: Sarah Wheatley/The Francis Crick Institute

Session 8: Do It Yourself

  • Dallas Weaver: TGP Meter; Marc Tye: Fish Feeder; Jim Burris: Fish Trap

Session 9: Core Services: Benefits, Considerations, and Communications

  • Moderator: Diana Baumann/Head, Reptile & Aquatics/Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Session 10: Construction During COVID

  • Moderator: Christine Archer/Zebrafish Facility Coordinator/University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Thursday, February 25

Characterization of the Natural Soundscape of Zebrafish and Comparison with the Captive Noise Conditions

  • Rafael Ayala Lara/University of St. Joseph Institute of Science and Environment

Evolution of Temperature Tolerance in Zebrafish

  • Rachael Morgan/University of Glasgow


  • Dr. Steve Watts/University of Alabama Birmingham